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Working pressure 0 Min | 100 Max bar
Temperature -85 Min | 210 Max °C

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The presence in about forty countries and the range of over ten thousand different types of hoses, both mandrel built and long length, allow THOR Group to stand as a reliable partner with innovative and patented hoses designed by its own technical office and hoses built according the most important national and international norms.

More than fifty years ago, in a small warehouse in the centre of Brianza, Tubithor started at full speed its production. In this period Tubithor’s activity is mainly oriented to the production of oleodynamic hoses with steel and textile braids.

The Seventies make the difference for the Company: the core business turns towards industrial hoses produced on rigid mandrels, long length and extruded hoses.
In consideration of the continuous technologic modernization and the needs to increase the market shares, TUBI THOR decides to establish a new company thanks to the acquisition of a revolutionary and patented process for the production of mandrel built hoses. In 1975 THORSUD S.p.A. is established, with a production plant able to manufacture mandrel built hoses with a maximum length of 61 m

The new-born THOR Group becomes a reality able to be competitive with the most important worldwide companies.The development in the use of new polymers and the need to increase the compounds production at more competitive prices, require the establishment of a new company in the Group, specialized in the production of compounds and semi-manufactured products. In 1987 the company S.I.M. S.p.a. Società Italiana Mescole is established and becomes operative the following year

In the 90’es THOR Group, whose strenght consists in analizing and giving technical response to signals coming from the market, focuses on a phase of study of new applications and new products, which will be the basis for future development.

In the first decade of this century THOR Group completes the upgrading of the system, thus achieving more flexibility and, thanks to the great help of electronics, getting a strict and consistent production quality control. In the meantime the structure of the “THOR” world expands with the establishment in 2003 of the commercial company IBERICA DE MANGUERAS THOR S.L. in Barcellona and in 2004 with the acquisition of the majority of the company DURA HOSE & FITTINGS LTD in Manchester. In order to obtain a more significant presence in the international market, in 2009 THOR Group starts the production of mandrel built hoses in the new production plant in Tunisia, the company THOR J.M.S. S.A.R.L

In 2017 THOR Group started, in Tubi Thor, the new department for the production of large bore hoses and the end of the year was founded in Melbourne a new commercial branch, THOR HOSE AUSTRALIA LTD, to distribute Thor hoses in the pacif areas.

In 2019, to increase the production capacity and provide a larger range of industrial hoses, is started in THOR SUD a new plant where industrial mandrel built hose are produced, also with extruded tube and braided reinforcement in lenghts up to 80 m.

The continuous research and testing allow the Group, whose strategic point is “quality”, to produce better and better hoses which can meet national and international requirements and norms, regulating the different fields of application.

Ethical code

Our Code of Ethics aims to define the set of values to which the Thor Group Companies are inspired to ensure maximum fairness and transparency in the conduct of business activities.

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Attention to Quality

Thor proposes innovative hoses, designed and patented by its own technical office, produced according to the most important national and international reference standards.


Worldwide Locations

The company is located in three production plants and several commercial branches, for a total presence in around 40 countries.